For everyone’s comfort

Welcome to our comfortable spa and sauna retreat, where common rooms are joined by separate areas for therapy/treatment. In our unique spa- and sauna areas are guests supposed to feel welcome and respected.

Swimwear and bathrobes

We would like to point out that all our saunas are textile saunas - We kindly ask you to wear swimwear, towel or bathrobe at all times.

Child-free (with exception for selected weeks)

We attach the utmost importance to that our spa should be characterized as a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We have therefore set an age limit of 17 years, except during our selected family periods.

To spend a day, or a weekend with children can however be delightful for the whole family. During our selected weeks we are a paradise for families with activities adapted for our younger visitors.

Get inspired by us

Our ultimate goal is to make you enjoy your stay with us and be able to relax in a tranquil and soothing environment. Here you can bring new energy to create a pleasant balance in your life. Enjoy our comfortable spa environment and feel that you are part of it.

Remember to drink water during your visit in the spa. Other beverages is possible to buy in the lounge area and are not alloweed to bring in to  the spa.