The Hohe Tauern National Park

Have you ever seen a chamois climbing up a cliff? The chance is there if you visit Hohe Tauern – central Europe's largest National Park. It extends for about 100 kilometres from east to west, and for around 40 kilometres from north to south. 

Hiking in Hohe Tauern is like taking a walk in heaven. Here you can see a glacier, alpine meadows, countless massifs and thundering waterfalls; as well as snow field-mice, Griffon Vultures, Alpine Marmots and Golden Eagles.

You can choose between exploring the National Park on your own or together with an experienced nature guide. Your expeditions are made easier by 1,200 kilometres of signposted hiking trails and a great number of shelters. 
there are hundreds of alpine lodges, hütte, where you and your fellow hikers can eat well and stay the night.

If you are an avid climber you're in good company. As early as 1761, some daredevils climbed the 3,251 metres high Ankogel mountain. That made them the first in the world to reach a summit covered by a glacier.