Massages & Treatments

Partial body massage 25 min / € 35,00  

Massage that is both relaxing and energizing. It stimulates blood circulation and dissolves tensions.

Foot reflex zone massage 25 min / € 35,00 

With finger pressure on the foot surfaces, the meridians / nerve tracts are stimulated - the organism is influenced, nerve cords are relaxed and blockages are released.

Lymph drainage massage face 25 min / € 35,00 or 50 min / € 55,00

The lymphatic drainage massage is characterized by gentle massage movements. Swellings are reduced, nasal noses are free again. The lymph flow is stimulated.

Connective tissue maqssage back 25 min / € 35,00 

This massage balances the exchange of tension in the connective tissue and thus helps to loosen the muscles of the back.

Acupuncture meridian massage 25 min / € 35,00 

Your energy channels are activated with a "massage Stick". Releases energy and blockages are released.

Deep back massage 25 min / € 35,00 

This form of massage is also performed with a "massage stick". The masseuse will draw a relief on the back of your skin, which will stimulate your blood circulation.

Reiki treatment 50 min / € 50,00 

Warming hands bring energy to the wohle body. Relax and leave your worries behind.

Aromatic oil massage 50 min / € 59,00

With this massage your senses are stimulated with the help from delightfully fragrant natural essential oils. The body becomes relaxed and calm with soft massage pressure.

Full body massage 50 min / €  59,00 

Relax, enjoy and let your thoughts wander and leave the massage room with a wonderful feeling in your body.

Partial body massage & foot reflex zone massage 50 min / € 65,00 

The ideal combination of a back massage to relieve your tension and a soothing foot reflex zone massage that affects your entire body and organs.

Lymph drainage massage legs 50 min / € 65,00

Gentle massage strokes relieve swollen legs and stimulate the lymph flow.

Stone oil - full body massage 50 min / € 65,00

Invigorates and relaxes the muscles and gives a feeling of vitality and fitness.

Kids massage 15 min / € 21,00 

Special massage for kids (6-14 years)


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