Massages & Treatments

Aromatic oil massage 50 min / € 59,00  

Your senses are being stimulated by the scent of natural essential oils and through a gentle massage the body relaxes and is able to settle down.

Lymph drainage 25 min / 50 min / € 39,00/ € 65,00

With finger pressure on the foot surfaces, the meridians / nerve tracts are stimulated - the organism is influenced, nerve cords are relaxed and blockages are released.

Lymph drainage massage face 25 min / € 35,00 or 50 min / € 55,00

Provides relaxation: Gentle massage by which jammed tissue fluid is being removed from the body. After this massage there will be increased fluid loss via the intestnal tract.

Foot reflexology massage 25 min / € 35,00 

The nerve pathways are being stimulated by pressure on the foot surfaces. The nerve cords get relaxed and blockages are being released.

Partial body massage 25 min / € 35,00 

Relaxes your body and recharges your batteries. It stimulates the circulatory system, promotes blood circulation and teseness gets solved.

Sports massage 25 min / € 39,00 

Ideal after exercise and training: Muscle tensions get solved in a highly effective way.

Kids massage 15 min / € 21,00 

Special massage for kids (6 – 14 years)

Full body massage 50 min / €  59,00 

Relax, let go, enjoy, get your mind on different thoughts and get up with a fresh body feeling

Rock crystal peeling 50 min / € 79,00 

The moist body is being completely creased with a pleasant peeling and wrapped with a foil so the skin can absorb the active substances. After 15 minutes the peeling will be removed by a nice shower. The skin feels soft, delicate and free of slag.

Anti-Cellulite-massage 50 min / € 65,00

Massage cups improve the bloodcirculation and subsequently improve the cellulite. Adhesions are being released and the tissure is being relaxed.

Facial massage 50 min/ € 65,00

Face massage, peeling, face mask made of healing earth and application of face cream.

Problem zone treatment 50 min / € 65,00 

We would be happy to massage your individual problem zone: neck, back, knee etc.


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