Massages & Treatments

Aromatic oil massage 50 min / € 59,00

With this massage your senses are stimulated with the help from delightfully fragrant natural essential oils. The body becomes relaxed and calm with soft massage pressure.

Partial body massage 25 min / € 35,00  

Massage that is both relaxing and energizing. It stimulates blood circulation and dissolves tensions.

Full body massage 50 min / €  59,00 

Relax, enjoy and let your thoughts wander and leave the massage room with a wonderful feeling in your body.

Sports massage 25 min / € 39,00 

This massage ease tension in the muscles effectively and with long lasting effect.

Alpine Hot Stone Massage (NEW!) 50 min / € 69,00 

The most relaxing well being experience. You will receive a soothing massage with hot stones and fine essences and your skin will get wonderfully spoilt. Enjoy! 

Foot reflex zone massage (Zone therapy) 25 min / € 35,00 

With finger pressure, the nerves are stimulated in the feet. Solves tension and is relaxing.

Facial massage 50 min / € 55,00

Face massage, peeling, face mask made of healing earth and application of face cream.

Problem zone treatment 50 min / € 65,00

We would be happy to massage your individual problem zone: neck, back, knee etc.

Honey Peeling & Package (NEW!)  50 min / € 79,00

The moist body is being completely creased with a pleasant peeling and wrapped wth a foil so the skin can absorb the active substances. After 15 minutes the peeling will be removed by a nice shower and we will spoil your body with a honey package. 

Kids massage 15 min / € 21,00 

Special massage for kids (6-14 years)


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