Massages at Hotel Goldried Healing and relaxing

Skilful touches at the right spots that dissolve tension into bliss… Treat yourself to a special timeout during your holiday at Hotel Goldried and book a massage appointment!

Partial body massage

Massage to relax and recharge your batteries. Stimulates the circulation, promotes blood circulation and tensions are released.

25 min. | € 35.00

Connective tissue massage back

This massage balances the exchange of tension in the connective tissue and thus helps to loosen the muscles of the back.

25 min. | € 35.00

Acupuncture meridian massage

Your energy channels are activated with a “massage stick”. Releases energy and blockages are released.

25 min. | € 35.00

Deep back massage

This form of massage is also performed with a "massage stick". The masseuse will draw a relief on the back of your skin, which will stimulate your blood circulation.

25 min. | € 35.00

Reiki treatment

Warming hands bring energy to the whole body. Relax and leave your worries behind.

50 min. | € 50.00

Aromatic oil massage

During this massage, the senses are stimulated by the scents of natural essential oils and the body is relaxed and soothed by gentle massage movements.

50 min. | € 59.00

Full body massage

Relax, let go, enjoy, get other thoughts. Then get up again feeling fresh and fresh.

50 min. | € 59.00

Partial body massage & foot reflex zone massage

The ideal combination of a back massage to relieve your tension and a soothing foot reflex zone massage that affects your entire body and organs.

50 min. | € 65.00

Lymph drainage massage legs

Gentle massage strokes relieve swollen legs and stimulate the lymph flow.

50 min. | € 65.00

Stone oil

Invigorates and relaxes the muscles and gives a feeling of vitality and fitness.

50 min. | € 65.00

Foot reflex zone massage

With finger pressure on the foot surfaces, the meridians / nerve tracts are stimulated - the organism is influenced, nerve cords are relaxed and blockages are released.

25 min. | € 35.00

Lymph drainage - massage - face

The lymphatic drainage massage is characterized by gentle massage movements. Swellings are reduced, nasal noses are free again. The lymph flow is stimulated.

25 min. | € 35.00

Children's massage

Soothing massage for kids (6-14 years)

15 min. | € 21.00