Massages at Hotel Goldried Healing and relaxing

Skilful touches at the right spots that dissolve tension into bliss… Treat yourself to a special timeout during your holiday at Hotel Goldried and book a massage appointment!

Lymph drainage - massage

The lymphatic drainage massage is characterized by gentle massage movements. Swellings are reduced, nasal noses are free again. The lymph flow is stimulated.

25 min. | € 50.00

Aromatic oil massage

During this massage, the senses are stimulated by the scents of natural essential oils and the body is relaxed and soothed by gentle massage movements.

50 min. | € 65.00

Foot reflex zone massage

With finger pressure on the foot surfaces, the meridians / nerve tracts are stimulated - the organism is influenced, nerve cords are relaxed and blockages are released.

25 min. | € 45.00

Partial body massage

Massage to relax and recharge your batteries. Stimulates the circulation, promotes blood circulation and tensions are released.

25 min. | € 50.00

Sport massage

Your energy channels are activated with a “massage stick”. Releases energy and blockages are released.

25 min. | € 50.00

Full body massage

Relax, let go, enjoy, get other thoughts. Then get up again feeling fresh and fresh.

50 min. | € 80.00

treatment of problem zones

Your personal problem area is given more attention: neck, back, knees, etc.

50 min. | € 75.00

Combination of foot reflex zones and partial body massage

With finger pressure on the foot surface, the nerve tracts are stimulated - nerve cords are relaxed and bockages are released.

50 min. | € 65.00

winter "Wadlfit" massage

Tense calves from winter sport? These muscle fibers need traction and elasticity with our massage you look forward to the new winter sport day.

25 min. | € 47.00

Hands and forearm massage

High-performance sports on the keyboard, symptoms if overload! Who takes c<are of their tendons, joints and muscles. Experiences how free your hand and forearm now feel.

25 min. | € 47.00

Children's massage

Soothing massage for kids (6-14 years)

15 min. | € 25.00

Connective tissue massage and segment massage

Through special grips and sequences of grips, the skin is given impulses, these connect with the nervous system, organs and the whole body and release bockages.

25 min. | € 53.00

Lymph drainage massage

Gentle massage strokes relieve swollen legs and stimulate the lymph flow.

50 min. | € 65.00