Gentle joys

Goldried Spa with a stunning view
of Matrei

The range of offers for relaxation at Hotel Goldried is something that we are proud of! Wrap yourself in your cuddly bathrobe, take your loved ones and let your body and soul enjoy pleasant relaxation at the Goldried SPA.

Goldried sauna & spa

Spa areas for everyone

Our spa area as well as the pools are separated into two sections with the pool area being open to all hotel guests (including children).

  • book your entry in advance or on site before arrival
  • the spa area is reserved for our guests over the age of 17
  • exceptions are the select family spa times 
    Tuesday and Thursday from 2.00 to 4.00 p.m.

Enjoy sauna

From gentle to hot

Going to the sauna is a must when on holidays in the Alps! At the Hotel Goldried you will get to enjoy four different sauna experiences so that you can always choose the variant which agrees best with your momentary needs.

  • In the Finnish sauna you can sweat at classic 80-100 °C.
  • The bio sauna will offer you a sweating experience which is good for the circulatory system with its higher humidity and agreeable temperatures of 60-65 °C.
  • Or you choose the steam bath with 100% humidity which is especially good for the airways.
  • Last but not least an infrared cabin will give your muscles deep relaxation.

We ask you to wear swimwear, towel or bathrobe at all times at the Goldried Spa.

Our whole sauna landscape is a textile area. Our saunas can be enjoyed with swimwear which is also ideal for children during the defined family spa times.

Relaxation rooms Relax

Let your soul unwind

Those who visit the sauna regularly know very well: The heat is only the first part. Going to the sauna in your spa hotel in East Tyrol will improve your circulation and afterwards, your body will long for due relaxation - something you cannot get enough of during your holidays:

  • The relaxation room will offer you the perfect atmosphere to prolong the sauna feeling
  • Lie down on one of the ergonomic loungers and let everyday life behind you
  • Refreshments will be available in the form of cool or warm drinks, which you can also enjoy on the easy chairs in the lounge

Wellness at the Goldried Spa

What is the most beautiful thing after a day full of experiences in East Tyrol? The prospect of a recreative stay at the Goldried Spa, a spa area of a special kind, with swimming pools and whirlpools both indoor and outdoor, several saunas and inviting loungers. 

It will be hard to choose between a sauna, a cosy lounger and a book or the infinity pool - or preferably all of them in a row! A wide offer of massages and treatments will complement the offers. No matter which activity you prefer, your body wants to be relaxed after a challenging day. And the Goldried SPA is probably the best place to do so, with the maybe most impressive panorama throughout Matrei!